Intelligent Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Why Backing Up Your Data is NOT ENOUGH

Why is this an IT Pain Point?

In today’s world, technology is a key aspect to all parts of your business. With the importance of computers and technology, it is critical that every organization has a complete solution to deal with the threat of data loss. Small to medium businesses can suffer severe repercussions if their critical data is not securely backed up at an off-site location. A fire, power surge, hardware failure, or even basic operator error can wipe out years of data. In the past, companies have backed up their data using magnetic tapes which were then typically stored off-site. While a usable method for incrementally backing up data off-site, this process is tedious and time-consuming.

FAQ – Intelligent Business Continuity Solution

I back up my data now, how is your solution different ? Backing up your data is only half the battle. The other half is how quickly you can restore the data. The solution we put in place, not only backs up your files, but it also does image based backups at the same time. An image is an actual snapshot of your computer or server and not just the files. So restoring a computer after it has failed from an image is much less time consuming than having to surf through drawers for previously installed software and licenses. Not to mention, the time it takes to re-create all of your personal settings, re-download your e-mail, and all of the files that you have backed up. Our solution can also take the place of your physical server should it have a problem by spinning up one of the images it saved as a self-contained virtual server on the network.

What do you install ? We install a device locally at your site. Backing up and restoring on a local area network is much quicker and efficient than backing up to a cloud drive. Given the device also acts as a virtual server for your image if need be, having the device on-site makes the most sense.

Is this a cloud service ? All of the above mentioned features, the file backups, the image backups, and the capability to run your server image in a virtual environment are available in the cloud as an add-on and hosted by Datto. So this takes care of the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity should your location have a natural, or man-made disaster. This is much more robust than simply backing up your data to the cloud.

What does Pain Point IT Solutions do ? We work with you to install the device at your location. We set up the targeted machines to back up. As an ongoing, daily service, we monitor the status of your backups at our operations center. We receive reports and alerts from your device as to whether a backup was missed, and verification that an image that was captured will spin up when we need it to. If anything is not working as it should, we spring into action.

How is this priced ? There is a one-time cost for the device. There is a monthly subscription cost for the local storage and Pain Point IT Solutions management of the service. Optionally, you can add-on the cloud for off-site storage and virtual capabilities and know you have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan in place for your  business or organization.

How much will this cost me ? That depends on how much data you wish to protect and how many machines you wish to protect. The general rule of thumb is to take the amount of data you have NOW that you want to protect and multiply it by 4. So for example, if you have a server and a  few computers that you wish to protect and the amount of used space today is around 120GB, you should fit into the entry level 500GB device. There is a one time charge for the device and installation.  Monthly subscription plans start at less than $100/mo. (again depend on how much data to protect) for local storage and there is an add-on option for the off-site/cloud protection. There are incentives to sign on for 1-year and 2-year agreements as well.

How much data can your solution protect ? Configurations for small business solutions start at 500GB and work their way up to 2TB. Professional solutions range from 1TB to 5TB. The enterprise solutions are available in 5TB entry level configurations all the way up to 60TB units.

Is your solution HIPAA, SOX, PCI, and ISO27001 compliant ? Yes. Files that are moved from your computers or servers to the device use AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption to ensure your data is safe and meeting industry regulations.

What happens to my data when stored off-site with your solution ? Datto hosts that store your backups are located across the United States at several SSAE 16 compliant data centers. This certification means that your data is in a physically and environmentally monitored and secure data center and in servers that Datto maintains. This differs from those free cloud storage sites that store your data on computers owned and shared by others (or the public).

I wanted to, or already work with an IT person or company closer to us. Poughkeepsie, NY is too far away. No need to worry, as long as both you and us have an internet connection, we can see and manage the status of your backups and remotely help with restores and data recovery. If something comes up that requires on-site help, if you're in a 50 mile radius, we'll come out. If not, then we have relationships and partner with several other IT consultants in New York state and can set up a dispatch, or you can use your own IT person.

How do I transition from the backup solution I have in place now to the Datto / Pain Point IT Solutions plan ? Call us at 845-249-2889, or use the Take Action button on any of our web pages and we will work to size a device out with you, send a quote and if agreed upon, order and pre-configure a device for you. We will then work with you to provide us with a remote connection (through our web-site) to your computers and server that you wish to protect and we will set up the rest.