2014.07.30 Tech Corner

Do you have a sensible business data back-up plan?

Article By: Al Schindler- Manager Client Services- Pain Point IT Solutions, Inc.

Does your business have large amounts of data stored on servers that you’ll never use, but feel like you should keep? Given expanding regulatory rules, especially in the medical industry related to HIPAA compliance, some businesses save every bit of data they have just to be safe.

You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal in keeping everything?” The fact is that keeping your data forever can create big management challenges and lead to retrieval headaches. Most often companies that save everything don’t do so because they think it’s the best way, but simply because they aren’t sure what to save.

Every business needs to save data for its own purposes, such as transactions, accounting records and so on. Not only that, industry regulations like the HIPAA rules require companies to save certain kinds of content for a prescribed period.

So what should you be doing? Here are four practical data-retention strategies you might consider:

• Begin with storage analysis, not the type of technology or procedure.

Know what data has to be kept and for how long. Many times requirements are dictated by industry or legal requirements.

• Separate user types and end users.

Use categories such as executives, clerical back-office employees, and sales understand how each group uses and treats their data.

• Understand your industry data-retention policies.

• Understand the difference between backup compared to archiving.

Find a backup system that provides the granular control needed to save some types of information for a short time and others for longer, using them as archival systems can be costly, but when you need to recover from a major disaster it will be much quicker if you have the right backup system in place.

• We recommend the DATTO business continuity Data-Backup & Recovery solution.

You may have other data-backup & recovery questions such as:

• How do we backup essential data?

• Where do we keep the data we backup?

• How do we restore backed up data?

• Who does the backing up and who has access?

We can assist you in identifying best practices and cost-effective backup tools and systems for your business.