2014.08.27 Tech Corner

Pain Point IT Solutions – Built on an MSP Philosophy

Article By: Rich Silva – Founder – Pain Point IT Solutions, Inc.

What is an MSP?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. An MSP allows your organization or business to offload many IT tasks that require a watchful eye to ensure they are working and that you are getting what you paid for.

What is your “IT-Guy or Gal” (ITG)?

At some point in time every business, whether small or large has needed some outside assistance with their IT needs. Some even maintain an IT staff, or someone who dabbles in IT in-house. Whether it be for suggestions, or to have implementation of the technology; often the companies latch on to an IT person or company for their needs. Maintenance arrangements are put in place between the company and the IT-Guy or Gal either on a recurring or as-needed break/fix basis.

Why have an MSP?

An MSP typically offers technology specifically designed to provide their clients with the dual benefit of performing the needed local task at-hand, while allowing the MSP to act as the guardian of the device to ensure it is doing what it should be doing. For example, a typical IT-Guy or Gal provided data backup solution consists of either an external hard drive on-site or off-site (cloud) that is programmed to either “get” or “receive” files from their targeted computers or servers on some sort of an interval basis. A typical implementation of this is “set it and forget it”, which is the worst possible thing to do, but prevalent nonetheless. An MSP will provide a device that not only does the prescribed function, but also reports back to the MSP (and/or our client) the status and it is reviewed daily. Anomalous events create pro-active alerts and issues are identified, articulated and resolved before disaster strikes. A few hours per week on-site visit by your ITG may uncover an underlying issue (if they are good, and there are some that are) and specifically looking for it, but again unless the technology was designed with an MSP centric idea in mind, you may not be getting your monies worth, and leaving yourself at risk.

Benefits of having an MSP

• You can maintain your current IT-Guy or Gal arrangement and use the MSP as an extension of their services or your current IT department.

• Pro-active monitoring allows most issues to be identified and avoided.

• The data and statistics gathered by an MSP can offer a roadmap as to what events lead to a problem; hence providing superior troubleshooting and post-mortem resolution.

• You can get on with your business knowing professionals are watching your critical systems.

• Your in-house IT staff or inside dabbler can focus on higher-value projects to the organization.

We can assist you in designing an MSP designed system that fits your business needs.