2014.09.10 Tech Corner

5 Ways Pain Point IT Solutions thinks differently than other IT companies

Article By: Rich Silva – Founder – Pain Point IT Solutions, Inc.

1) We NEED your business.

We are a start up and NEED your business and will do what it takes to get it and keep it. Many of our competitors have entered a phase of complacency with their clients. They too started small like us, and have grown their companies to the point that they simply have lost touch with their clients. What was once a strong bond and partnership has evaporated.

2) We think PROACTIVELY.

We discourage our clients from being reactive to their IT needs. While some reactive measures are needed from time to time, it’s how we prepare for the events that will determine whether the response is organized, or chaotic.

3) We think like engineers.

We think like engineers and not technicians. We see the BIG PICTURE and are not satisfied just fixing something, taking our hourly commission, and leaving until you inevitably call us again for the same issue. Our clients are not a bottomless well and we don’t treat them that way.

4) We are well diverse in practicality.

We are jacks of most trades, and masters of many. This diverse way of thinking is beneficial to our clients because in IT, one size does not fit all. Having real-world experience with networking, voice communications, data backup systems, end user support, and network security helps us to tailor a network or system design to meet your needs without having to call for a specialist to help present what we are looking to do for you.

5) We listen and never assume.

We never assume we are the smartest person in the room. We will be confident that we can provide a solution to your IT pain points, but listening is our strong suit and we always strive to learn something about you as a take away from any meeting we have with you.

Okay, Now what ? So what ?

If all of this sounds obvious and things every services based company should do, that’s because they should. But we all know most don’t, or hire employees that don’t care enough to.

Just give us 15 minutes to sit down with or have a conference call with you. Pick our brain, and you’ll instantly see the difference between Pain Point IT Solutions and the other guys.