2014.09.24 Tech Corner

Pain Point IT Solutions is a Managed Service Provider Why should you care?

Article By: Rich Silva – Founder – Pain Point IT Solutions, Inc.

Our Message

Since we started in February, we have preached taking a proactive approach to IT and set forth on a mission to help prospective clients transition from a culture of reactive break-panic-fix approaches to IT to a more proactive, stay ahead of it approach.

What is an MSP again ?

A Managed Service Provider takes essential IT functions in your organization and extends the responsibility for managing them from your premises to theirs. A good MSP puts devices or software in place on a clients network that allows the MSP to watch, alert, and take action on an event when things are not working as they should. With a Managed Services model, you do not have to wait until the IT person shows up on their weekly cycle to learn that an essential IT function that should have been working, hasn’t been.

Okay. What are essential IT functions ?

As many of you may know, I was part of a corporate IT Department for close to 20 years. Through experience I learned that there are certain essential IT functions that if not accounted for, come back to haunt you if not planned properly.

For example:

Many companies have a data backup system. But how many can produce a report on-demand that shows it’s working on ALL machines and servers that it should be on at any given time ?

Many companies have some measure of anti-virus protection on their computers. But how many can produce a report on-demand that shows all of your machines are up to date and protected ?

Some companies have critical systems in place such as servers, network switches and network routers. But how many actively monitor these things for trends leading up to a failure ?

Essential Functions, Got it. So what ?

Does your existing in-house, out-sourced, or volunteer IT dabbler in the office go above and beyond just setting it and forgetting it? Probably not.

Can they produce any proof that they have put systems in place that watch and alert them or you that something is amiss ?

If the answer to either of these isn’t an emphatic YES, then you need to talk to an MSP such as us.

And finally -> Why should you care ?

Here are just 3 (of many) reasons you should care about hearing us out on what we can do to help.

What if you paid for a backup system that doesn’t have the information saved that you need for restoral when you need it ? To be quite frank, that is a bummer.

What if you paid for anti-virus software that has not received updated information as it should at least 3-4 times per day? It is a waste of money at best and at worst increases your chances of a potential data breach, cyber-attack, or compliance fine.

You have invested money, personnel, intellectual property, data entry time and effort into placing information that makes your business tick onto a server that no one monitors consistently. Wouldn’t it be nice to see whether that server may be exhibiting behaviors that would lead to a substantial data loss or down-time event BEFORE the event ?

Okay, Now what ?

Just give us 15 minutes to sit down with or have a conference call with you. Pick our brain, and you’ll instantly see the difference between Pain Point IT Solutions and the other guys.