2015.06.03 Tech Corner – Why yes, it is an emergency

Why yes, it is an emergency

Article By: Rich Silva – Founder – Pain Point IT Solutions, Inc.

I see a very alarming trend out there. For those of you who take the time to read my newsletters and look at my web site, you'll know that I am a user of a website called Thumbtack. The way Thumbtack works is, I as a business or individual put on the site what we/I do and what geographic areas we/I serve. A person with an IT issue can log on to the site for free, register, describe their issue, and wait for businesses such as mine to submit a bid to help them resolve their issue. We/I, as the business pay a very small fee to provide quotes. It's a great tool for inbound leads. I joined the site back in July of 2014. Since January 1, 2015, I have seen 26 times the same ALARMING request from users who need a "Data Recovery Expert".

Sample Request for Proposal Opened

Here is what each one looked like:

What: Media Type(s) - External Hard Drive

Data Type: Business

Device Make and Model :

Issues: Either Not Recognized, Does Not Power Up, or Clicking Noises from Device

Is this an emergency ? - ALL 26 of them said YES

So what does this tell me ?

Too many business people:

1) Probably bought the external Hard Drive initially intending for it to be a place to back up their files but then started using it as supplemental storage for their computers.

2) Have gotten upgrades for their computers and didn't transfer files from their old computers to new computers, saying to themselves "No worries, I have the files on my external drive".

3) THINK that the proper way to back up their computers is solely with an external hard drive.

4) Are not willing to take the time to research the alternative means to backing up their data.

5) Do not trust or understand off-site backup.

6) Have little clue that if their external hard drive is in this state now, it could potentially cost them thousands to recover the data. Let's face it, these repair companies kind of hold all the cards now. I don't do hard drive repairs, but I know the companies that do, and they are not cheap.

7) Have not put any thought, plan, or any ideas together on what steps they will take to recover their data if something bad happened and gain an understanding of how much it will cost them in time and dollars.


I'm not a statistics person, but I serve a 20 mile radius from Poughkeepsie, NY and I don't think very many people know of Thumbtack and probably found them in desperation by doing a google search for "hard drive fix" or "data recovery" and then elected to put this out to bid. If this many people are in an emergency situation in the past 5 months, in my 20 mile neck of the woods, are finding a little known site to ask for bids; imagine how many business people there must be in all of New York state just complacently waiting for this to happen to them too.

Shouldn't they be reviewing alternatives with an IT professional who specializes in putting business recovery solutions in place ? If you, or if you know someone living on the edge in this manner, have them call or e-mail me. It won't cost you or them anything to at least learn about the technology that I can provide that will save yours/their business some day.