2015.07.29 Tech Corner – Kicking the Can

Kicking the Can

Article By: Rich Silva – Founder – Pain Point IT Solutions, Inc.

Complacency is running rampant in our society. The very definition of complacency states that people are pleased, especially with oneself or one's situation, often without awareness of some potential danger or defect.

Technology has contributed to our societal complacency problems

The mere existence of our technology has made us dependent on it. Think of everyday technology that you use but don't think twice about it being there anymore. Then think about everything in your life and in our society that would be affected if that technology stopped working. For example, electricity, the highway system, the telephone and communications grid, and yes; our computers, servers, and data.

We are as dependent today on our computers and data networks as we are on our roads and highway system

If the public highway system was to shut down or cease to exist, we would not be able to transport goods such as food and produce from one location to another and be completely dependent on our farming, hunting, and survival skills. As a society, we likely wouldn't last too long.

Today we rely on another "highway" system to gain our information and knowledge, and store our everyday needs and wants (data). That is the network and internet. The computers and servers we use are our "cars" to get there. Automobiles are also a time tested technology that have become so reliable that people are complacent about maintaining them because "they always work".

As a society we do what is needed to maintain our highway system. There are always improvements for the security of travelers being studied and fixes such as guardrails, reflectors, signage, and re-engineering of exit ramps being made. There are typically detours in place to route around a problem area. Same with automobiles. We bring our cars to the mechanic to have them maintained. If for some reason we are without a car, we have alternatives; perhaps a rental car, or the public transportation system.

However, as I stated; we also have a new reliance and that is on our technology, network, computer systems and data. Yet, in general; the approach to this technology in many cases is to hope it never has a problem, or kick the can and deal with it another time. There are no detours in place, no one maintaining this, and no one watches it to make sure that measures put in place to make it safe are actually working.

Why do we wait or kick the can ?

Be proactive and speak with someone who understands and has seen first hand the effect a network server failure containing data that everyone thought had been backed up but wasn't has had on an organization. Someone who can offer solutions to reduce the time you will be without this technology you depend on (whether you realize it or not).

The Bottom Line

As much as we rely on our highway and transportation system, we also rely on our information technology super-system. We have established measures of maintenance and improvements for the highway and transportation system in the way of detours and construction. However, many have decided to be complacent and kick the can when it comes to their information technology planning. Take the time now, before a catastrophe to speak with me about what options are out there that you could be taking advantage of to ease the pain should disaster strike.

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