Data Backup Strategies from Pain Point IT Solutions

Why a Pro-Active, Managed and Monitored Approach to Data Backup is Better.

Anyone can run to the local box store, purchase an external drive and have it back up their files. That's easy. What we focus on is RECOVERY. We put systems in place that make sure backups are not missed and take action so the next backup isn't. We provide solutions that not only back up their files on site and optionally off-site, but also full images of their computers and servers so if disaster struck we could restore their entire computer to what it was before the disaster without needing to find all of the software programs, license codes, and customized shortcuts they have worked possibly years to create. Further, with our BDR (Business Disaster Recovery) solution we could bring that saved image up on the backup device and have the device BECOME the computer or server and get our partner UP AND RUNNING & back in business quickly. This is the most complete recovery protection against Ransomware threats such as Cryptolocker, WannaCry, Petya, whatever is coming next. This is what RECOVERY is versus BACKUP.

"Backing up files off-site is not enough anymore. Our solution provides image based backups, virtualization of those images and assurances that your backups are actually running and working. This is Intelligent Business Continuity and a sound Data Backup Strategy for your Information Technology Business Plan".

- Rich Silva, President Pain Point IT Solutions, Inc.