2015.06.17 Tech Corner – Dreaming of Winning the Stanley Cup

Dreaming of Winning the Stanley Cup

Article By: Rich Silva – Founder – Pain Point IT Solutions, Inc.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am a big hockey fan. On Monday this week, the Stanley Cup; which is THE BEST of all trophies in sports in my opinion was awarded to the Chicago Blackhawks. Congratulations to the Blackhawks, the Tampa Bay Lightning for making the finals; and the NHL for another great post season.

Since this is what I proclaim to be THE BEST of all trophies in sports, I sit back and think to myself how I come to that conclusion. Then as my mind wanders, I think of how all of this can relate to my biweekly newsletters and it came to me….

If there was a Stanley Cup for the champions of IT, I think I’d have a pretty deep run in the playoffs..

... Go ahead and make whatever nerd or geek jokes you want, it’s my dream ...

So here are the reasons why I think this is the hardest trophy to win, why it’s the best, and why I think I have all the intangibles necessary to hoist the IT one some day.

1) After a long season, if you’re lucky to make the playoffs, now you’re in for an accelerated version of the same game where the action is faster, the hits are harder and the competition is better. You have to be ready for the immediate change of pace;

I'm ready.

2) You will play the same team for what could be the next 7 games. After feeling out your opponent; you must identify their weaknesses and come up with solutions to exploit them. You must also identify your own weaknesses and solve them with solutions.

After multiple visits with clients, I am able to identify weaknesses in their IT infrastructure and offer solutions to help them. So far, so good.

3) Some games will go into multiple overtimes until a winner is determined, so more effort and time will need to be put in when necessary.


4) You must have the will to overcome adversity when up against the wall of defeat. There are some times in IT when a server crashes, or an IT issue is persistent when it seems all hope is lost.

I can’t rest until I identify and resolve the problem.

5) Skills and talent are a huge part of the game. In hockey, there are many great coaches and general managers who simply do not have the skilled players on offense or defense to win games.

I have 20+ years of practical IT experience;I don't outsource my labor and am hands on with my clients. Check.

6) Strategy is a huge part of the game. Getting the right personnel in the right position at the right time while switching players on-the-fly, and managing their time and fatigue; that’s a lot to ask.

Well an IT person who is just a technician and doesn’t demonstrate strategic thought processes with their clients isn’t going to win my trophy.

So there you have it, I’m on the right path to winning the cup.

Now think to yourself whether your IT buddy who fixes your computer, your intra-office IT person who sits around and waits for requests to come in rather than make suggestions to improve things, or your outsourced IT Company you pay through the nose for is a contender or a pretender.