Email Solutions

"Our Email solutions allow you to absolve yourself of the high costs of having your e-mail hosted by the larger, faceless companies who outsource most of their work overseas."

"We partnered with a company that does one thing, e-mail. They have been in business for over 10 years and focus on e-mail hosting, SPAM filtering, e-mail archiving, and e-mail encryption."

-Rich Silva, Founder, Pain Point IT Solutions Inc.


Email Hosting

Store, manage, and view your e-mail with confidence.

Email Archiving

Back up and archive your e-mail without the need to rely on local backups or the local maintenance involved in keeping such a system up and running.

SPAM Filtering

Stop SPAM mail BEFORE it gets to your office.

Email Encryption

Whether for regulatory reasons, or for your company policies, our partner provides e-mail encryption services to protect your e-mail from being intercepted and read by those who should not be reading them.


Why we chose to partner with a company dedicated to e-mail as opposed to using "the big boys"..


The big boys have grown to the point where their customer service is overseas, their data centers are all over the world, and no one knows where to pinpoint a problem anymore. Plus they’re expensive and their focus is on Operating Systems, and Video Game Systems, not your e-mail.


Most Companies and Organizations we consult with process e-mail in one or many of the following ways:

Running its own on-site mail server

We can off-load the extra processing it does that protects your recipients from SPAM and move it off-site.

Running a SPAM appliance that intercepts the mail

If your business is paying to maintain an expensive appliance that does SPAM filtering, we can help reduce the cost and maintenance burden for you.

Using the “free” e-mail account(s) that come from their internet service provider, or domain name provider.

E-mail is a “throw-in” from them, so SPAM filtering is not really on their priority list. We can coordinate to get your mail re-directed through our partner’s service so it is filtered out before it reaches your inbox.

Using free “search engine provided” e-mail accounts for their business.

These solutions work, and their SPAM filtering is decent. However, using a @google @yahoo account for your business does not really identify your business to your recipient as well as an account could and are often tagged by SPAM filters and targeted by hackers.

Most Companies rely on their in-house data backup system to archive their e-mail

The above solutions are typically not set up to archive your e-mail. The company we partnered with does and we manage it for you.

Many Companies are required by regulations to encrypt their e-mail transactions, but since they do not know where to start, they avoid it altogether.

Our partner provides industry leading encryption that perhaps your business may need for regulatory reasons someday; or just want to keep their e-mail from being intercepted and read.

In most cases you can keep your existing e-mail addresses and we port them over

Pain Point IT Solutions and Greenview Data provide fully managed and maintained E-mail Solutions - Hosting, SPAM filtering, Encryption, Archiving for your business or organization