Office Build and Relocations - Your IT General Contractor

You have the General Contractor who will be making sure your new office is built to the specifications you need. However, you may need someone who will help communicate what you need on the IT side to the various trades to assure the data closet, internet, phone system, and network cabling is ready to go on your move date. I have over 24+ years experience with this and a good understanding of what needs to be done to make the transition a smooth one. Given my vast years of experience in networking and telephony, I can also run the structured network cabling, phone system installs as well if those items are lagging behind. Consider me a full service IT General Contractor to oversee your technology is ready for you on your move date.

Assistance with Chronic System and Network Issues

We consider ourselves jacks of many trades, and masters of quite a few when it comes to IT. In the 20+ years of practical experience in the IT field, we'd like to think we've learned a thing or two from what we've seen, done, and made mistakes with. Whether you consider yourself a novice and need some advice or guidance, or if you are a seasoned IT engineer dealing with a nagging issue that you'd like to put a second set of eyes on, we're here to help. We are not the type of IT consultant that comes in, pushes you aside, hides in the data closet for hours at a time and then come out with no solution, a sorry, and an invoice. We are also not 'yes' people. We are humble and realize we do not know it all (and never will). We will provide an honest assessment of our skill-set and always do our best to properly understand the issue you have so we don't waste your time so you can focus on finding the right person. Let us be your Poughkeepsie IT Consultant . We have presence in various locations in New York through our strategic partnerships as well. That's how we roll.

Our Skill-Sets and Experience

  • Wired and Wireless Network Systems
  • Data Network Engineering
  • Data Backup and Recovery Systems
  • Windows Workstation and Server Operating Systems
  • Mac OSX Workstations
  • Cisco Networking IOS and CatOS (Routers, Switches, Core Switching, Security Appliances)
  • Arista Networking (Switches)
  • PBX Administration (Avaya CM, Jive Hosted PBX)
  • Electronic Door Security Systems
  • Office + Data Center Cabling and Environmental Design, RFP generation, and Implementation
  • Office Relocations

If it's not listed, just ask. We'll tell you whether we know it or not.