Network Monitoring

Why is this an IT Pain Point?

This really comes down to one question. Do you have proactive or reactive tendencies? Most small businesses have little clue that their routine behaviors are trending towards a potential minor, major, or crippling network or system problem. What typically happens, is for a few days, things seem to “be slower than normal”, and then it happens; devices fail, networks go down. That’s where remote network monitoring and alerting can help.

What Pain Point IT Solutions can do to help.

We have invested in a remote network monitoring and alerting solution whereas we can through the internet, connect to devices in your network and watch them proactively for patterns of demise. By devices, we mean computers, routers, network switches, managed power supplies, air conditioners, temperature probes, etc. etc. Basically, if the device manufacturer has developed an industry standard means of monitoring their systems and gathering statistics from them (most have), we can hook into them and watch them. Our solution will poll the device at a specific interval, gather statistics, create trend reports for the device, alert us or you via email, or text message if thresholds we set have been violated.

What’s Your Business Size?

Smaller businesses and Start-ups (1-25 devices)

Our system would watch the devices and do network monitoring for you, alert you of outages and potential issues brewing and allow you to take action proactively rather than re-actively. If you have an on-demand IT Consultant, they would be able to provide you with even better service as we could provide them with a log in into our system so they can look over some reports on your devices and network over coffee in the morning and proactively solve your issues before they happen. Pretty cool for all involved.

Small to medium size businesses (25-100 devices)

Add our service to your arsenal. We invested the money and time in our network monitoring system so you don’t have to. We provide a comprehensive pricing model so there is none of the anxiety that a big IT company comes in with and subjectively prices you into submission.

Larger organizations (100+ devices)

We would have to assume that your IT staff has a good grasp on what is going on and is proactively monitoring your systems. If you laughed when you read that, maybe we should talk.