IT Toolbox

These are some of the tools that we, as network engineers find are useful in day to day troubleshooting of internet related issues. We have created this IT Toolbox because I wanted to share them with you. The more data you can collect when troubleshooting, the closer to isolation of the cause you will get.

What is Your IP Address

Most of the time, computers have their own IP address at your location. However they share a single IP address when they are on the internet. This site helps you know what that IP address is.

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Internet Speed Test

Make sure you are getting the broadband service you are paying for. This site runs a speed test for upload and download speeds.

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Trace Route Portal and Looking Glasses

Want to see how other routers in the world get to your web-site. Experienced Network Engineers can go to these looking glass sites to do traceroutes, ICMP tests, and BGP path testing

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Internet Health Report

This site watches and reports on the response time and health status between 9 Tier 1 Internet Service Providers. There is a very good chance that whatever site you visit flows between these Tier 1 ISP's.

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Internet Traffic Report

This site monitors regional trends of traffic on the internet

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MX Toolbox

On-line tool to analyze your sites and e-mail aliases MX records and search whether it is on any block-lists

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