Secure Two Factor Authenticated Remote Desktop Access

Wouldn't it be nice to easily remote connect to your office desktop on those treacherous commute days?

Is the process of using the VPN to remote connect to your office becoming cumbersome ?

Are you using some FREE publicly available service out there that is only protected by username and password that makes it easy for anyone with that information to gain unauthorized access to your office computer?

Pain Point IT Solutions can now offer you SECURE, Two Factor Authentication protected Remote Control of your desktop.

I have established a relationship with the same company [ConnectWise] that I use to securely provide remote desktop support for my clients that will allow me to offer YOU full remote desktop access to your office computer(s) on those days when you can't (or would rather not be) at the office.

In the past, I have suggested to my clients that using those free widely available "easy to use" remote desktop tools could lead to unauthorized entry to your computer since they are only protected by a username (usually your e-mail address) and a password. You don't know who at these companies have your password, or whether they could get breached and your office desktop then would be easy to access.

My recommendation to my clients has traditionally been to use a VPN where we install a special router at their office, change the IP addressing of your office if necessary to accommodate, then install special VPN client software which needs to be configured and maintained on the ONE computer at their home that is authorized to connect. At times, the IP addressing at their office changes, and then they have to make changes (after they call me to figure out why they can't connect). It's secure, but cumbersome.

Well now, with ConnectWise, we get easy to use setup PLUS Two Factor Authentication to have the system verify your identity to either a mobile phone, or an separate e-mail address that you use. Similar to what on-line banks have implemented, you will log in with your username and password from any Windows PC, Mac, Tablet, or even Android or iPhone, and the system will text your device a code (or e-mail you the code) that you will need to type back to the system in order to authenticate and give you remote access to your desktop.

Since I have this relationship, I can manage all of this for you by adding or removing employees, which workstations they have access to, and being your trusted go-to person for these setups.

I can offer it on month to month terms too instead so we use it as we need it instead of locking you into any yearly contract or obligation.

So if you just need it for the winter months, or just for that 2 week vacation we can work something out.